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daVinci Dental Studios offers a range of products to suit the needs and preferences of every patient. Our entire premium line of products embodies matchless artistry. We strive for fit, form, finish and function on every case.

daVinci Veneers

Layered finish creates indistinguishable match Pressed Anterior and Posterior, Minimal Prep “Available Materials; All-ceramic (e.max, Authentic, Empress) PFM, PF Zirconia” Veneer prep guide PDF


daVinci Signature Veneers

Master Ceramist

Feldspathic-multilayered signature veneers are created to it’s most natural form by a Master ceramist. Recognized for their strength, longevity, conservative nature, biocompatibility, and aesthetics.

Leonardo Posterior – Monolithic, Full Contour Crown
Leonardo Anterior – Monolithic, Full Contour Crown
Full Contour Crown, Layered
Full Contour Cotour
Crown, Layered
Screw Retained or Cement Retained
Includes: Soft fissue model, custom titanium abutment or Ti Base, final screw or insertion guide and restoration of your choice.
Additional charge for alloy.
DV-IS I Implant Full Contour Crown, Stain and glazed
DV-IS II Implant Full Contour Crown, Layered
DV-IS Signature Implant Crown, Multilayered finish
DV- IS Implant Bridge Full Contour Unit, Layered
DV- IS Implant Bridge Full Contour Unit
These can be more complex and involve the addition of pink ceramic.
Two material choices: PFM (feldspathic ceramic on high noble or noble alloy)
PF Zirconia (feldspathic ceramic on zirconia framework)
Stock Abutments: manufactured by the implant company and modified by the laboratory to fit the case.
Custom Abutments: designed and manufactured by the laboratory to fit the case.Three material choices: Metal (titanium or cast gold/alloy), UCLA type (cast alloy with ceramic applied), Zirconia (provides increase esthetics)
daVinci Dental Studios invites you and your staff to visit our laboratory. Gain knowledge and appreciation of the skill and expertise our dental technicians give each and every case. Visit our departments and see the latest technology as our laboratory maintains our place on the cutting edge of the industry.Call us in advance and we will supply lunch!
DV – IS Full Arch Bundle
Includes implant verification jig, custom tray, bite block, model and mounting on semi-adjustable articulator, bar (4 implants), final try-in and final hybrid prosthetic.
DV – IS Full Arch Signature Bundle
Includes implant verification jig, custom tray, bite block, model and mounting on semi-adjustable articulator, bar (4 implants), final try-in and final hybrid prosthetic. Pre-surgical digital planning, including pre-operative evaluations, models and mounting on a semi-adjustable articulator, digital treatment planning including use of CT scan data, bone reduction guide, abutment positioning guide, immediate denture and night guard.
Full Arch Upgrades and Add Ons
Upgrade to Zirconia Full Contour Bridge
Upgrade to Zirconia Layered Bridge
Signature Independent Crown Frame, Layered Crowns
Immediate Conversion (3 hrs chair time)
DV – Digital Planning and Surgical Solutions
dV Surgical Guide
dV Full arch surgical guide
Digital planning
Material Choices
Metal (titanium or cast gold/alloy)
UCLA Type (cast alloy with ceramic applied to improve esthetics)
Zirconia (provides increased esthetics)
Implant Parts and Components
We maintain close partnerships with all of the major manufacturers including Dentsply, Astra Tech®, Straumann®, Nobel Biocare, Zimmer and Implant Direct.
Dentures includes model, custom tray, bite, set-up and finish. Teeth additional at market price.
dV – Signature Removable Prosthesis
IvoBase processing, premium characterization, premium teeth
Includes protective case for patient
Leonardo – Signature Removable Prosthesis
Leonardo, heat cured with standard teeth
Protective case for patient
Flexible Partials (FRS)
Includes model, custom tray, bas plate, framework, set-up, finish and premium teeth.
Metal Partials
Acrylic Stayplate
Premium Tooth Options
Anterior EconomyPosterior EconomyAnterior PremiumPosterior Premium
Additional Options
Clasps (9)
Wrough Wire
Aesthetic Clasps
Acrylic Clasps
Cast Clasp
Flexible Clasps
Ball Clasps
Thermo Flex
A La Carte Options
Custom Tray
Base Plate Occlusal Rim
Opaque Partial Framework
Opaque Denture Framework
Enhanced Characterizion
Diagnostic Wax Up
dV Smile Rendering, Full face
dV Smile Rendering, Close up
dV Comfort Guard (hard and soft options available)
Custom Shade Consultation
Custom Finish, by appointment
dV 6 Unit Patient Demo Model

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