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23 Nov
DV-5 reasons
5 reasons patients put off dental work but shouldn’t, not even during a pandemic.

1)They lack a sense of urgency. Delaying restorative treatment could lead to expensive, painful problems down the road. Help patients understand what can happen if they ignore problems. Once a patient understands this, their dental treatment will move up their priority list. Our labs can provide you with the educational materials! 2)They believe it is...

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20 Nov
davincini insurance
Dental Insurance Claims

How to Get Them Paid the First Time We know that filing dental insurance claims and getting paid in a timely manner is important to the efficient operations of most practices.  Since dental coding and claims submissions are a unique challenge requiring special attachments, narratives, and information much different than medical claims processing we would...

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20 May
Reopening: How Others are Doing it

As dental offices across the country start to reopen after closing their doors for weeks, you may be wondering what needs to happen before you can open the doors to your own practice.

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14 May
How to Communicate Your Practice is Open

As some dental practices begin plans to reopen and provide nonemergency care the American Dental Association (ADA) is urging dentists to have robust communication and engage their dental team members to address any concerns related to returning to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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07 May
Resources for Succeeding in Post-COVID-19 Dentistry

As some states are beginning to allow dental practices to reopen, you may be wondering how you can prepare yourself and your team. Here are a few resources we think may help your dental practice succeed, post COVID-19.

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30 Apr
4 Things You Can Do to Prepare Before Reopening

As some states are beginning to reopen normal activities, dental practices are anxious to reopen their practices to non-urgent care. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to prepare for when it comes time to reopen the doors to your practice.

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17 Mar
Irish Patients Celebrating St. Paddy’s with daVinci Smiles

As we celebrate St. Patrick's day today, we want to recognize Seapoint Dental Clinic in Dublin, Ireland. Seapoint Clinic is the premier 5 star dental clinic of Ireland, helping people from all over the country and beyond!

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16 Mar
Dentist’s Guide to Handling COVID-19

As new facts and information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to develop, you may be wondering what it will mean for your dental practice. In accordance with the America Dental Association (ADA), the California Dental Association (CDA) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), daVinci Dental Studios would like to extend some helpful advice.

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16 Jan
dental lab
Helping Dental Assistants To Collaborate With Dental Labs

Dental Assistants are an often underappreciated part of the process that decides whether patients keep coming back to a practice they trust or start looking for another dentist. daVinci Dental Studios recently launched a new program to make DAs central to improved collaboration between dental practices and the labs that provide sophisticated prosthetic and cosmetic products and services.

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10 Jan
navtech demo
A Successful Dental Technology Exhibition at daVinci Dental Studios

Dr. Laith Mahmood, DDS, MD and our trusted partner Nobel Biocare gave an exciting dental technology presentation at daVinci Dental Studios’ new state of the art facility in West Hills, California.

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