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daVinci Dental Studios is a full-service laboratory, manufacturing a wide-range of cosmetic and restorative products for dentists. In its 45 year history, daVinci has generated a loyal following by offering services that go above and beyond the norm.

Long known for creating high-end aesthetic restorations, daVinci helped pioneer the development of porcelain veneers back in the early 1980s, developing several techniques that are still used today with some of the leading clinicians and manufacturing companies.

daVinci’s most notable developments were: a preparation design and technique for porcelain veneers; the platinum-foil fabrication technique; and the development of veneer porcelain with Ceramco (now DENTSPLY) taught the techniques of bonding resins to obtain excellent shade matching with veneer placement, gaining national exposure on television shows such as “Extreme Makeover” and “The Swan,” which promoted the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

daVinci has created a team of technicians that assists it’s clients chairside for custom finishing; it partners with clients to promote their practices by co-sponsoring marketing campaigns, and it has a 50-seat capacity lecture center for continuing education.

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